Tail Waggers from Pamperdoodle (www.pamperdoodle.com)
Tail Waggers from Pamperdoodle (www.pamperdoodle.com)
Pamperdoodle - Human Grade Dog Treats - Tail Waggers

Tail Waggers

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These cheesy treats get the tails wagging every time! Superfoods like quinoa and flax seed provide high nutritional value and added health benefit. These sweethearts are heart-shaped because we know your fur person will love them, so you will too.

Approximately 61 - 63, 1" Hearts Per 8oz box. (Measured by weight) 

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Grain Free Wheat Free Corn Free Soy Free Low Fat Gluten Free Human Grade


Chickpea Flour, Potato Flour, Tapioca Flour, Flaxseed, Cheddar Cheese, Quinoa, Canola Oil, Eggs, Natural Bacon Flavor.

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