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Raves & Loves

  • "Excellent EVERYTHING! Maira is amazingly supportive and all about the dogs! Her products and ingredients are top notch and the love in all she does shines through. Every detail is never overlooked and presentation is A+ too! Quality, quantity AND cute = Pamperdoodle." - Alice Han
  • "WOW!!! Thank you so much!! She's going to be so happy to have some treats of her own. 💙 I really can't thank you enough and we really appreciate you taking the time to help find her something special. I'm all teary-eyed over here. :) I was really starting to think her options were limited and was just going to have to get used to "no cookies".. I feel horrible even writing that!! They're such good pups. Thank you again, I really hope she loves them. Looking forward to their arrival and would be more than happy to review and spread the word of how awesome you lovely ladies are and your company. Thank you again for really making this a personalized experience and helping with my pack. 💙 An extremely happy, new customer for life!" - Amanda, Panda, Brooklyn & Bandit 🐾 
  • "Toby and Cooper are two happy dogs, as their package just arrived from Pamperdoodle. These are the best dogs treats on the market. I even had a little nibble of the Granola Bark myself. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the wonderful treats." - Andrea Aldis 
  • "Carefully and beautifully packaged. Came as described. Quick and polite customer service. All around great experience!"  Constance Button
  • "My dog absolutely loves his Tail Waggers. As soon as I pull that box out of the cupboard, he gives me that look. You know the look, the one that says "I know what you have there". Lol. They are corn free, which is wonderful because my boy has some issues with corn giving him itchy skin as a lot of terriers do. It is also wheat, grain and soy free and low fat for those furbabies who have other issues. I can pronounce all of the other ingredients which is awesome, I know what my boy is eating. And my husband and I actually ate one and they are pretty good, I can see why he likes them. They taste just like unsalted cheese-its. These treats are Brutus approved and I am now a lifelong customer of #pamperdoodle."  Kirsten Son
  • "I'm not sure who enjoyed them more...our kids or our furry kids. Get on #SharkTank and this product goes viral." - Mark Gottlieb 
  • "If you want to give your furry loves something that not only contains natural ingredients but is delicious as well, I highly recommend Pamperdoodle!My fur baby Naiki and fur nephew Sherlock mean the world to me and making sure they have the best this world has to offer is always my goal. With that being said, Pamperdoodle is the absolute best! The treats are natural (nothing beats knowing… no looking up ingredients that are in your babies’ goodies necessary) with no added chemicals and come in a variety of flavors; Naiki’s favorites are The Granola Bark and Blue Beanut Putter Berry and Sherlock is totally addicted to Nutter Mutters (we absolutely watch horror movies and munch on those beauties together).Naiki and Sherlock are very picky eaters… with Sherlock being the worst. He will be 3 on April 1st and even finding him food was a hassle. We went through 5 brands before finding out what he thoroughly enjoyed; it was so bad… he would prefer to not eat at all than eat something that he didn’t like. Treats were even harder! It also doesn’t help that he has allergies so he can’t try out a lot of things. Even with his 3rd birthday coming up we still struggled with finding treats that he wouldn’t spit out. Well… that was before he was introduced to Pamperdoodle. There is not one flavor that I have given him thus far that he doesn’t like. I say, “treat” and he RUNS (abnormal for him because he is fairly lazy) to the treat jar. Knowing he finally has the right combo of food and treats that he enjoys warms my heart. The only problem I have now is trying to get Naiki to stop stealing treats from him! Something she never did before having Pamperdoodle… greedy baby girl. She is thoroughly addicted to her goodies; we can’t even say the word without her tail going crazy." - Chettara Hunter