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Product Care

Pamperdoodle - Collar - Leather Collar - Andalouse

Your new leather leash and collar are thoughtfully crafted out of the best, most resilient leather. Caring for these items is a piece of cake so please, don't be afraid to enjoy your product! We promise it will be fine out in the normal day to day weather and elements. If the item looks dirty or dry, simply apply a leather conditioner with a cloth. Rubbing it in will usually do the trick! Baths and a quick swim in the river are just fine. Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a rinse in fresh water and conditioning will help preserve and protect that beautiful leather! 

Pamperdoodle - Collar - Leather -

Keeping Your Leather Looking Beautiful 

If you want to ensure your leather keeps its soft feel and supple look for years to come, then you must condition it. New items need not be treated but you should condition your leash or collar any time you feel it needs a little love and your leather will look and feel like new again. It is also a good idea to condition your leather before and after exposure to extreme elements. Bickmore’s BICK 4 Leather Conditioner is a shop favorite but any leather conditioner will work! 


Cleaning Your Leather

If your leash or collar has more than a light layer of dust or dirt on it and is heavily soiled we recommend a leather cleaner to be used followed by conditioning. Saddle Soap or Bick1 Leather Cleaner are good choices. Then follow with a conditioner, Bickmore’s BICK 4 Leather Conditioner is a shop favorite.