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Happy Dog Guarantee

Pamperdoodle's 'Happy Dog' Guarantee

We said "For the love of Dog" and we mean it! We want to see smiling, goofy doggie faces. The ones which compel us to bring out any device at hand capable of taking a photograph just so we can capture that very look and keep it a while longer...  We bake, craft and package everything with that end in mind; a blissfully happy fur-person who simply loves you more (if that were possible) because he is getting your undivided attention while you share a yummy treat - he does not need to know it is also good for him- that's just between us. Or while you dote over simply how fabulous she looks in that chic, handcrafted leather collar.


We do it all for them but do realize, as their human, you play a smallish role in decision making particularly when it comes to quality. I am a quality control nut - this is no joke, but I want to make sure that everything you purchase from Pamperdoodle meets your standards as well. This is why every one of our products is backed by our 'Happy Dog' guarantee (happy dog, happy human!).

If you have made a purchase from our Pamperdoodle shop and find that you or worse, your fur-person(s) are unhappy with the flavor, quality or craftsmanship of any product, we will happily replace, exchange or issue a refund. Simply give us a call 855-PDOODLE or send us an email and I promise we will work until you and your fur-person are both completely happy. 

Your and your fur-person's satisfaction & happiness are my priority. 

For the love of Dog. 



Maira Grove - Owner


Pamperdoodle - Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed!