Natural Chews

Pamperdoodle's natural chews will not only provide chewing pleasure for your fur-person but are also rich in nutrients and essential amino acids like Taurine to nourish their body. As a fur kid parent, you  can rest assured knowing we ethically source and will never use preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics in any of our chews.

Our premium chews grade chews are 100% digestible beef or buffalo meat. This means we never use beef treated with hormones or antibiotics. Furthermore, all of our chews are sourced from ethically grown, grass-fed, free range cattle from North and South America.  All Chews are made right here in the USA. 

NO Hormones
NO Antibiotics
NO Preservatives
NO Dyes
100% Digestible Beef
Made of Grass-fed, free range beef from North and South American cattle.
Ethically Sourced
Made in the USA