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Natural Chews

 Naturally rich in protein, essential amino acids (such as Taurine), fatty acids, and vitamins, these NATURAL, NON-RAWHIDE chews provide more than simple chewing pleasure for your pup!

A safe, nutritious way of ensuring gum and dental health as well as hygiene. Always premium grade, 100% digestible proteins. This means we never use meats treated with hormones or antibiotics. All of our chews are sourced from ethically grown, grass-fed, free-range cattle farms. All Chews are made right here in the USA as well as sourced from the US unless otherwise stated. 

NO Hormones
NO Antibiotics
NO Preservatives
NO Dyes
100% Digestible Beef
Made of Grass-fed, free range beef.
Ethically Sourced
Made in the USA