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The Ingredient Talk

Haven't posted in awhile, I have been busy with the release of two new treat flavors and getting ready for the Seattle-Tacoma Pet Con, which I am quite excited about and looking forward to but it is requiring a lot of my time and attention.

The release of my new treat recipes in a week (or so), and my watching the film Pet Fooled, got me thinking a lot about ingredients which go into our pet food in general and why I started all this in the first place! 

Have you ever scrutinized the ingredients in major-brand dog foods and pet treat packages? It is amazing what these companies get away with putting in our pet food. Haven’t you wondered why you can’t just give your dog a new formula without transitioning slowly? Try giving your dog a raw food while he is still eating that dry kibble and see what happens... absolutely NOTHING! This is because your raw/prepared food does not contain loads of completely unnecessary carbohydrates, preservatives, fillers, by-products, and other ingredients which make it difficult for our fur-loved ones to digest. Just what are these mouthful, hard to pronounce ingredients and what do they do? 

These are real questions and ones we need to start asking ourselves every time we pick up any new product to feed our pets. READ those labels, do not feed corn (PLEASE) and become aware of what AAFCO defines as a 'byproduct' of anything, and what their regulations are when it comes to your pet food labeling. For example, the fact that "powdered cellulose" or "Cellulose" is a very common ingredient in many popular dried dog food brands, added as fiber which is, in fact, wood shavings or wood pulp! Yes, we pay for that AND feed it our pets! That is not the worst of it, just something that makes me shake my head and think "How can they?!" 

-Will add more as time allows, Thank you! Read "The nose knows" on The Weekly Barker for a little more on the subject. Also, STRONGLY suggest you watch "Pet Fooled".  You can ALWAYS learn about our ingredients through our Ingredient Talk link or contact me! Always happy to answer anything or help in any way. 

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