It is not easy writing that first blog post, but here we are finally sitting at a desk giving it a go! It will be very nice to get to know our friends out there and to have you get to know us as well :) 

By now you have seen photos of ALL of my fur-kids on our site. They are also on our Facebook page and our Instagram account along with some fur-friends. I will introduce them first because it is all about the furry ones around here! By breed WIlla is our 2 year old German Shepherd (brand ambassador). She is a true shepherd and loves using that nose. She is spoiled and blessed with MANY a tennis ball which she probably believes grow from a tree in the back yard, but 9 times out of 10 will only want the one that is under the bed or behind the sofa!

Charlie, our Schnoodle, has been with us for a little over 11 years. He is about 15 years old now. We were told he was approximately 4 when we rescued him; vet tells us he is as healthy as ever and only suffers from a few missing teeth and some arthritis on his right rear leg!! Sir Oslo the 3 month old Airedale Terrier... This is a story. Oslo had a little bit of a rough start in life. Let's just say we came to a 'farm' to see a puppy and given the conditions, his health and obvious health issues with the parent's, this would not have been a choice puppy for 'purchase' but just HOW do I leave him there?! Could you? I was torn. I know I was enabling her [breeder] by purchasing this puppy, but it is a life and I alone was not going to make her change or stop... So I geve her her money and I took the puppy. 

Oslo was riddled with fleas, scabies, roundworms - SO, so many; it took the tiny, underweight little guy forever to get rid of them all. After the roundworm treatment he was left volnurable to infection so 3 days later back to the vet's with a temperature and diarrea. He recovered quickly from that with homecooked meals to keep things easy on his tummy. SO happy to say that with a home remedy, the scabies were under controll rather quickly. Sir Oslo is gaining weight as he should, he is quite the two handfulls -as Airedale's should be! I hate to think what would have become of him had I left him back at that farm... He is thriving and a part of my family now :) 

We would love to hear about the furry loved ones in your life. Let us know about them, ask us some questions! 

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